Live steam model on 7¼" gauge of the Württembergische T3 no 924

Welcome to this blog. It will inform you about the progress of designing and building a miniature German 0-6-0 live steam, coal fired locomotive for passenger hauling on 7¼" gauge, scale 1:8.The model was started in 2006 and first ran under its own steam in 2017. It is a small T3 branch line locomotive of the KWStE origin (Königlich Württembergischen Staatseisenbahnen), with outside cylinders and Walschaerts valve gear. The model loco is 1.10 metre long and weighs 100 kg.

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T3 7¼" steam locomotive 

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Sunday, 11 September 2022

The GER Y14 0-6-0 steam loco

 A new project, a Great Eastern Railway 0-6-0 Y14 class steam locomotive.

I started with a new 5" gauge loco; a Great Eastern Railway Y14 class 0-6-0 tender engine. This will be a British model, so I had to make the drawings and order the wheel castings, pressure gauges, injectors, and books about this loco from the UK; and have them delivered before Brexit rules came into effect (1st January 2021). 

The new project GER Y14 class

As usual, I start with a OO gauge model, photos of the real loco, and a general sketch. The model was bought after Brexit, and a friend living in England received the parcel for me. I collected it during the summer holiday when visiting him.  

With this information, I've started to make the first Solidworks drawings for this new project.  
I also visited the preserved Y14 this summer (2022) on the North Norfolk line in East Anglia

This is the last survivor of the class, which was 294 strong in total.

The drawing of the 00 gauge Hornby loco, as printed on the box the model came in. 

I'm building this locomotive together with a club member, each of us will build its own engine, but this way we can exchange ideas and experience. 
We started in December 2020, but due to Corona and because I still wanted to finish the 7¼" gauge goods wagons for the T3, progress has been slow so far. 

The wheel castings were made to order by Mark Wood Castings  (pre-Brexit).
Buying from the UK is now much more difficult.

The rear buffer beam from the tender. 

Buffers and coupling hooks. 

The laser-cut frames, made to order by Laserworx in Leek (Groningen)